Dr. Abdulmohammad Mahdavi

"The macro paradigm of management based on the right to solve problems"

Prof. Hossein Vazifeh Doost

"Tourism & Technology"
Dr. Amin Hakim

"The capacity of information technology in the development of the tourism industry"

Dr. Karpal Singh Dara Singh
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
 Digital Marketing: Driving the Digital Economy

Dr. Shayesteh Moghadas

New Era in Tourism Industry " Beauty & Wellness Tourism

Jorge Marques

PhD in Tourism, Leisure and Culture

Assistant Professor, Universidade Portucalense/Oporto Global University
"Tourism and the new chalenges in Portugal

Dr. Saeed Nikkar

"The economic impact of tourism on sustainable urban development"